9/10/2015, Boxing Australia Ltd – Director Nomination Papers – Change of Due Date

By notice circulated by Boxing Australia Ltd on 2 October 2015 it was indicated that nominations for Directors should be lodged to the CEO by no later than 12 midnight Sunday 18 October 2015. It is noted that Clause 13.6.c.ii of the BAL Constitution requires that all nominations be received not less than 35 prior [...]

19 to 22 November 2015, 2016 Australian Boxing Championships

The Tasmanian Boxing Team of 3 * BTI Boxers & 3 * BTI Coaches will participant in the 2016 Australian Boxing Championships in Queensland between the 19 to 22 November 2015.  Boxing Tasmania Inc. Boxers will be Mr Luke Woods, 69kgs, Latrobe Boxing Club, Mr Uria Afamasaga, 91kgs, UA Boxing Club & Mrs Emma Carruthers, [...]

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